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Do you have a note share of how you or your church has been impacted? Email to dougsmall@projectpray.org.


I was first introduced to Doug Small when my husband and I were in Georgia for training with BGEA. Doug had been invited to open our trainings each morning with a teaching on prayer. While the training was excellent, his was the highlight of each day! I had been a praying student of God’s Word for many years, but something happened in my heart concerning prayer that kept me constantly pursuing Doug’s Spirit-led teaching on prayer. I felt led by the Holy Spirit to read one of his books which I had purchased, “Prayer the Heartbeat of the Church.” I was set on fire by the sheer joy of seeking communion with God and using the Bible as my prayer book! I was then led to start a ladies Bible study using this book and was astounded at their response – falling on their knees with tears, full of joy and hope, and declaring they have never prayed like this before! I see 2 Chronicles 7:14 happening in my home each Wednesday because of an obedient heart to pen this teaching on prayer! – V. Cawby

Bro. Small has come over to Europe on multiple occasions to be part of our conferences and teach on prayer. I can personally say that the week he was the keynote speaker in Heidelberg (2005 or 2006 I believe) was fairly life-changing for me.  My prayer life has never been the same.  From that weekend, we began to use Bro. Small’s teaching on prayers in the church my husband was pastoring at the time. Our prayer service on Tuesday nights averaged 100% participation!  It was rare that anyone missed–it was the most blessed time of entering into the Lord’s presence.  We held a time of fasting, one week a month of a Daniel fast, for 7 months, ending the fast on Passover.  When I think back at what the Lord did during that season of prayer, my eyes fill up with tears.  I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced such unity in a church Body or sacrificial service and love. – J. Humann

Many thanks for the Prayer Conference Update. It was the BEST we have ever had. We are yet talking about it. You are in my daily prayers, that the Lord will continue to bless and provide ALL your needs to continue in this ministry. It was so wonderful to be with and pray together with my brothers and sisters in Orlando this summer. I hope and pray, if Jesus tarries, we can do that again in 2014. There is such a great need. Only if more of our pastors and members could see the need. May the Lord continue to bless this ministry. You have my support. -R. Spence

I was at a recent conference and took copious notes. I came away with the ides of the serious shortcoming of doing ministry with only a residual anointing. On Saturday, it was the idea that the ‘discipline of giving’ controls all things external. On Sunday, I saw my need to ‘represent the interest of God’ by taking my prayer-watch position. What a privilege. – P. Bailey

I lead a group of teens that pray every Friday night for the city of Washington, DC. We also do a Sidewalk Sunday School for children in DC Public Housing. The teens write prayer requests on post-it notes and place them on a cross. They pray for the community, schools, family and friends. At a local high school, someone was lighting fires, weekly and sometimes daily. The teens began to pray – and fires stopped and the arsonist was caught. I was very encouraged by the conference. I want to see a vital church in Washington, DC. Thank you for touching so many in prayer. – T. Mullen

I had the pleasure of attending a conference where you spoke in Maine. It is on my heart to have you come and inject the saints with your love of prayer. Our people have a poor understanding of what prayer is. I will never forget your message – and stories. Your ability to communicate prayer in such a pratical and yet powerful way is so needed. – Pastor B.

I was in a recent conference with you in Africa. Thereafter, I went to an area where the Christians are being displaced…forced to leave their home to find safety. We took clothes…as we went, attacks were launched against their village on Christmas Day. Forty died, others were seriously injured. Over 200 area now refugees in a nearby village, among them, pregnant women and children. Six churches were attacked. At one of the churches, rebels killed everyone there. They need support in prayer. At the place of refuge, they gather to worship and pray. Some are now seeking local work. The pastors are especially in need of prayer and provision. – Pastor Kibi

I am the prayer coordinator for the Baptist Association – a lay person. I receive your e-bulletins and have read your online materials. I am always trying to learn more about kingdom praying and I want our churches to be “Houses of Prayer.” I have read books by David Butts, Claude King, as well as your books and materials. I look forward to an opporutnity to learn more to help our churches. – J. Roberts

Thanks for all you do to encourage prayer – especially prayer for the city. We just did a prayer walk in our community. The prayer walk had as its goal praying for revival and city-wide transformation. We are praying that our city will be a river to the nations. – S. Brown

I attend a church where you recently spoke. I was very encouraged and challenged by your visit! As a result, our church will be starting an “Adopt a Nation” for prayer campaign over the next few weeks as one of the results of your encouragement to us. I am very much looking forward to the response of the people to this. – S. Turner

I am seeing a shift in the movement regarding prayer. All of a sudden there’s a deep hunger stirring in my pastor’s heart to develop prayer teams and intercession – this is a huge breakthrough! I have been asked to consult weekly on how to do this. I’ve given them all your books – as well as the information I have accumulated over the past several years. I’m hoping to prepare hearts for a prayer conference. The movement has lacked a structured prayer strategy. I’m so excited, but I also feel al ittle overwhelmed. I trust you and your insight, and desire to use all you have taught and handed out to teams and churches. So send me some more of those handouts or anything that will help me get started. I will be so very grateful. This is bigger than I can even explain. It’s truly an amazing God thing! – Sherry N.

Recently, in the Heartlands, we had a Women’s Discipleship Retreat. And we had 21 days of prayer and fasting prior to the retreat. During that time, everyone that registered had their names called out in prayer. So far, we know of two women that were saved, many healings. One came on a walker, walked out healed and hasn’t used the walker since. Another, deaf all their life in the left ear, was healed. Women testified about the move of God in their lives. Another delivered of cigarettes. One lady had made a voodoo doll to represent her pastor’s wife, and was burning it, sticking pins into it. But at the retreat, she was gloriously saved and delivered. Many were filled with the Holy Spirit. One planned to end their marriage – she had taken off her wedding rings and left them in their car. Now their marriage is restored. Others “felt like giving up” on ministry, but the Lord touched and renewed them.

On Saturday morning, our speaker had pastor’s wives to come forward, and others surround them to symbolically remove the “darts” placed in their back by words spoken against them. A wonderful time of healing, restoration, recommitment, deliverance and prayer took place.

There is no doubt in my mind that the prayer that went before, during and after changed the course of the meeting. To God be the Glory! – Pam B.

My region covers three districts across south-central portion of my state. We are still in the infancy stages of trying to spark something in the hearts of the pastors. That is where I have tried to begin – with pastors. In one region, we have had an encouraging response. Not only have they turned out to prayer rallies but they have brought others with them. We plan to return there for another prayer gathering. We are attempting to enlarge on what we have been doing, by encouraging pastor’s wives, other ministers on the district, and engaging intercessors, incorporating worship. We are making progress. This past week, the State Prayer Focus team met. I was blessed and it was a profitable day. – Pastor Mark H.

I am happy to report that Prayerborne is being organized here with ten prayer leaders in place – that’s ten teams of ten. Some leaders have selected the ten for their team and some are working on it. I am meeting with the leaders to introduce the Prayerborne concept. We have a Methodist church in the area that has started a prayer ministry, and they want to raise up a Prayerborne team – in the Methodist church! – Carol C.

You were in our area recently, and teams went out and prayed in the city. Four of those teams went to the Industrial Park to pray for jobs to come to our city. Our local newspaper just announced that Amazon is coming to town. That will create 500-1000 jobs! God answers prayer. Also the “pain clinic” which is a “pill-clinic”, a prescription- mill was a focus of our prayer that day. It has now shut down, since we prayed. God is moving here and we are rejoicing! God Bless Barbara and you!! – A Prayer Leader

How and what did you hear God say or reveal to you from the Ignite Weekend, a Worship and Prayer Experience with Doug Small?  We all need an encounter with God. However, we need to invite His presence to come to us. Realizing where our Blessings come from–not job, or stocks or bank accounts, or houses, or from others, etc.– but from God alone. We can not keep God from loving us. He desires that we steal away daily and commune with Him…not in a rushed, short devotion as we go on to our agenda. The Prosperity of America makes all people in the world want to come here. Yet this prosperity has caused Americans to think we do not need God. David Wilkerson has said, “The last curse God sends to a nation is Prosperity that makes it blind, drunk, or intoxicated.”  Is this where America is today ? We need to get on our knees face down before the God who cares for us and recognize his Majesty, Holiness, Greatness, Mercy, and Love of the Almighty who holds the Hope of Eternity and our Salvation. – D