P. Douglas Small has authored numerous books, as well as, offers recorded teachings on CD and DVD. Click to to learn more and to see all the knowledgeable resources available. Available as a book, participant journal, and resource kit.

The Praying Church Handbook
This four volume set is a collection of substantive reflections on prayer. Contemporary, relevant, addressing cutting edge issues. Available as a set or each book individually. Each volume is around 700 pages. Volume III and IV include a disc with additional chapters in digital format.

Volume I – Foundations
Volume II – Personal and Family Prayer
Volume III – The Pastor and the Congregation
Volume IV – Intercessory Prayer and Mission



Prayer – The Heart of It All
Learn prayer fundamentals; the four critical elements: at-home daily prayer, the church at prayer, intercessory prayer and prayer evangelism; and how to apply each of these to create a great awakening for yourself, your church, your sphere of influence and the world. Available as a book, personal and group study guide, and resource kit.


The Great Exchange – Why Your Prayer Requests May Not Be Getting Answers
The lack of answers to our prayers is not because God no longer answers or does not want to help. It is often an issue on our side – some hindrance to prayer, blockages in our own heart. Learn practical steps to answered prayer. Available as a book, personal and group study guide, and resource kit.



The Prayer Closet – Creating a Personal Prayer Room
What we seek is more than mere words or even a disciplined, noble routine. Prayer is not something we do, it is someone we are with. And that needs a place!



Simple Radical Prayer
There is power through persistent prayer, prayer that is beyond us, bigger than us, prayer by pure-hearted, but less than perfect saintly people, passionate and intense prayer, prayer that we do not even understand, prayer that stretches our perspective of things and calls us into the mysterious ways of God.



Entertaining God and Influencing Cities
“Prayer is not about words and requests”, says Doug Small in Entertaining God and Influencing Cities. “It is not even the first and foremost about intercession. That will come. Prayer is about hosting God in a world from which He has been excluded. In prayer, you declare that God is not only welcome, but He is invited…you host Him in your heart and your home, the church and your corporation.”


PrinciplesofWorship_cover_sm2Principles of Worship – A Study of the Tabernacle
Describes the purpose of each piece of the tabernacle as a template for prayer. A study that goes beyond review of details, the study is rich with spiritual insights. Available as a book, CD or DVD teaching. There is also a teaching PowerPoint Resource available for purchase to lead a group discussion.


LCPM_coverLaunching Community Prayer Movements
Read stories of people who often as the result of some jarring event that served as a call to reality, concluded that their community would not change unless someone stepped forward to lead such change, and they often felt themselves the most unlikely person to lead such change. Includes companion resource disc.