Most Americans are so uninformed about faith, and so naïve, so incapable of critical thinking, thanks to our inadequate educational models and our sound-bite culture, that they do not perceive the radical difference between the kind of culture Christian principles should produce and the kind of culture Islam might produce.

They have little, if any, understanding of the beliefs and history of Islam. We are now living off the spoils of the crumbling Judeo/Christian culture which once thrived in this land. We are coasting on the impetus of our grandparent’s generation. We have no idea what lies ahead in the not so distant future, no clue about the dangers of affirming the multi-faith, pluralistic values our liberal neighbors are imposing on us. And, I might add, that we are accepting so passively.

Christianity is so wonderfully contradictory. It is a “one-way” kind of faith, at its core – there is no Savior, it insists, but Jesus. And yet, this faith demands that such a radical commitment be one born out of the heart and not imposed by power. It is hard truth, wrapped in soft love. It is uncompromising holiness, partnered with unconditional love and tolerance. It is the very reason that a dissonant individual, an agnostic or atheist, can live free of threat, even thrive in the society Christianity birthed.

An additional element of such a Christian culture is its welcoming nature of those who are different, its tolerance for variations within the Christian faith – denominations – and non-Christian faiths as well. Christianity demands respect for all. It will impose its rule with reason. It will win converts to its embrace with love. It will dazzle its skeptics with the very real power of the risen Christ, breaking into a time-space world. But it will not force people to kneel and kiss the cross.

Its missionaries did not travel to distant lands with a sword in hand. Nor did they go with boat-loads of money, buying up the culture into which they entered. Rather, they entered diverse cultures as servants. They lived among and alongside people with radically different views. They accepted those people as they were, where they were, and simultaneously, they showed them alternative ways to view the world, practical ways to live with a higher quality of life – safer and cleaner, healthier and holier. Hearing and seeing a new way to live and view the world, whole cultures shifted to embrace the faith, always from the inside out, from the bottom to the top.

In recent decades, American has been receiving missionaries of a sort. We have welcomed increasingly large numbers of immigrants from Islamic, Hindu and other societies. Their values and world views are radically different from those which formed this nation, a country forged through great sacrifices and by many lives lost over centuries.

Culture is created by the values a social group shares. And those values are rooted in faith views. Like a coin with two sides – culture is on the face and values on the other. These new immigrants that enjoy our nation, unlike anything on the earth, are not embracing the values behind the culture. In fact, the fundamental Islamic immigrants have made it clear that they wish to make Europe, Canada and the United Stated Islamic regions. They hope to entrench Islamic principles into our nation. They have no intention of assimilating.

The question we should therefore be asking is “why?”

Another question is “how?” How might this new development affect what is left of our democracy, our freedoms of expression and religion? And other precious aspects of our traditional culture?

Bill Federer, an author from St. Louis Missouri, has in recent years been attempting to educate Americans about the basics of Islam and how radically different Islamic societies are from judeo/Christian based societies. He wants North Americans to understand the long-term consequences that they may be forced to endure as a result of the multicultural approach that deems all cultures to be of equal value and which assumes, falsely. that they can all get along.

Adapted from an article by Steve Jalsevac of LifeSite News