Moral Crisis

We lost – that is, we lost the culture war. It’s over. We moved rather quickly from being a culture informed by Christian values, through social change, to religious and moral pluralism. We were proud, at least some were, of how broad-minded we had become. Now, rapidly, we are sliding uncontrollably down a steep, unseen slope. And we are sensing, how ‘unplural,’ true pluralism really is. Pluralism works as a partner to relativism, but relativism is cultural absolutism in disguise. It is not truth tethered to love, but untruth as truth, attached to force. As a pluralist, you must be absolutely open, absolutely uncommitted to any one faith, at least enough to subdue and mask your passion, for a season, until the flag of your faith can be raised as the dominant cultural value. You must be absolutely affirming, not only of the other, but also of the other’s belief system. His faith is as good as yours; his ‘good book’ as inspirational and true as your Bible; his god, as good as your god, the same as your god, only called by a different name. To live in such a culture, you must be so uncommitted to any single ideological faith and moral absolute, so as to nullify true faith of any value. Faith values that can be set aside, are not values. They are not valuable. You don’t set aside ‘valuables,’ you clutch them. You hold to them. Especially, intangible values. How can we place Jesus alongside Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, indeed, Satanic worship now legal and recognized, wiccans, pagans? We have lost our way, and our minds – frankly, we deserve a trip to God’s woodshed.

The contempt with which conservatives, those who are openly Christian and against Christian ideas and ideals are now treated is stunning – especially, in the arenas of education and media, the judiciary and various levels of government administrations. The IRS continues to target conservative groups, with no impunity or restraint. Civil rights commissions, in at least two states, are now aiming at enforcing new gender standards on churches and their restrooms. In my state, North Carolina, cross-gender bathroom rights are the big campaign issue in the race for governor – and the gay lobbyists, from outside the state, may prevail. Hundreds of lawsuits are moving forward under the smile of liberal, godless judges, each year – and religious liberty for Christians is in retreat. America has been rapidly radicalized by the gay machine. Fooled by Islamic propaganda. Duped by scientific rhetoric that talks intelligently, but denies the obvious (Romans 1).

There are increasingly hostile government positions articulated against Christianity, against pastors, specifically against the church – this is not a mere ideology, not simply errant and rare judicial rulings, or the government actions of some small extremist sect. There is now a collection of almost a thousand anti-faith-related court rulings, most unfavorable to the traditional conservative cause, all in the last three years or so. We are now wrestling, not with flesh and blood, but with a new level of spiritual empowerment from the middle heaven. And the Evil One has more positive ground contact options than ever. His energy is now creating chaos in the culture.

One hundred years ago, a small group of strategic, generational thinkers, gave themselves to an agenda to change the nation, steering it radically left. They knew that the changes they sought would not come in their life-times. They were dogged and determined, and unified in a national strategic generational strategy. We think short-term. We look for a quick fix. We are tactical, not strategic. This year, maybe next, but not generational. One plan, one activity, one cause is the depth of our plan – and such thinking is both too short-sighted and too narrow for cultural impact.

A key strategy of this small group was to use the public schools to enforce a new morality, the new sexuality, and a new pluralism. On college and university campuses, they would court and capture the brightest, to indoctrinate them and promote them throughout their life to be proponents of the new liberal ideology. Committed to Darwinism (anti-Christian, anti-creationism, anti-Bible) and to Marxism (socialism in some form), they were enchanted by both Charles Darwin and Karl Marx. We are now living with the implications of their philosophies. Proverbs 29:12 warns, “If a ruler listens to lies, all his officials will be wicked.” These men hated Christianity. They emerged as a group of ideological elitists. Their impossible dream, by their sheer tenacity, a generational commitment to a simple but effective strategy, and an unholy anointing, has now shifted the culture of the nation. They won; we lost, and sadly, it has taken us fifty years to figure that out. By the time we were loading our muskets, the battle for the culture had been lost.

One Christian marketplace advocate has suggested that it takes “less than 3-5 percent of those operating at the top of a cultural mountain to actually shift the values represented on that mountain.” These are the pioneers. The actual tipping point of a social order is nowhere near 50 percent. It is actually below 20 percent, around 17.5 percent, to be exact. It is never a majority, but a small determined minority. The author of the book, The Sociology of Philosophies, asserts that a very small number of cultural influencers shape our world. The claim is made that of 23 billion people alive between 600 BC and AD 1900, were influenced by about 2,700 individuals, a tiny fraction, who were determined to count, to be heard – and they were, and the world followed.

Both our silence and, at times, our hostile ‘warfare’ rhetoric continue to be our own nemesis. We are absent and misunderstood. We react rather than act.

As you go to the polls in the next few days, remember, leaders make a difference. Offices, positions, were created by God as a gift of grace – they are supposed to bind us together, to create the social glue that helps us function as people, on the track of righteousness. Pride and ungodliness divide. Sin perforates. There can be no unity in a society that condones Biblical immorality. Sadly, we, of late, like Israel, tend to choose leaders who match our shifting moral values, consciously or unconsciously. Obama, pro-gay, pro-Islam, pro-socialism, was elected twice, and he represents, in that sense, the majority position of the new nation. He is a reflection of the powerful elite social structures now in place – the media, the entertainment industry, education, the social services sector, the judiciary and the legal community, industry and commerce – the governmental machine itself. All these now dominate our culture. Bible Christians are the minority.

As we face this election, we have two choices, two sad choices, both unacceptable, at least ideally, to a Bible Christian – to me, but they are our only choices. How could we, of all the choices in the nation, out of more than 300 million people, come to a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? The choices themselves, our choices, are reflective of the morality and lack of discernment in the nation as a whole, including the discernment of so-called believers. We are now forced to discern where discernment may be confusing to some, to choose, for example, between two platforms, two parties, two ideological camps, the lesser of two less than stellar leaders, looking to the political circles to which they belong, looking beyond and above the candidates.

There are critical issues – the continued senseless killing the unborn, now tacitly accepted, paid for with our dollars; the economic irresponsibility of Washington; the increasing transformation of the Supreme Court to a Legislative body – writing laws, interpreting a ‘living’ constitution; the sanctity of the family and the judicial-government imposition of the sexual revolution, in our schools, our workplaces, and eventually, into the recesses of our lives. The restriction of religious liberty, the censoring of pastors, the subpoenaing of sermons.

Nothing triggers cultural shifts more quickly than the “spirit” of the king. We have seen startling, breath-taking cultural shifts in recent years. We must now cast ourselves before God in desperate prayer for His intervention – not for us, but for the global missional purposes in which the nation has engaged. The world needs a spiritually renewed America. We must have a Great Awakening. 

Pray – and vote.

Esther Fast for America – Prayerfully consider joining as the LORD leads you:

  • WHAT: Esther Fast with no food or water for three days (72 hours)
  • WHEN: Sunday,11/6Tuesday 11/8 (midnight Saturday to midnight Tuesday in your time zone)
  • HOW: Bring your requests to the LORD with thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6)


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P. Douglas Small is founder and president of Alive Ministries: PROJECT PRAY and he serves in conjunction with a number of other organizations. He is also the creator of the Praying Church Movement and the Prayer Trainer’s Network. However, all views expressed are his own and not the official position of any organization.

Personal Note: It is not my intent to be political, here. I want to humbly offer the rumblings of my troubled heart. I am deeply concerned about where we are as a nation. Perhaps, this is an element you have not considered. I hope you will hear my heart. As someone has said, “Words are the tools we use to carry the cargo of our hearts,” and sometimes, we use the wrong words. If I do, if the concept is not clear, forgive me. Wesley’s first rule was, “Do no harm!” Augustine counseled, “You owe your conscience to God; and to one another you owe nothing but mutual love.” Balancing conscience, and speaking love, is delicate and difficult.