Relevant News

God’s grace has been sufficient and His peace has been in place, but we are in a struggle. We need a miracle. We need prayer! Prayer is the currency of our ministry – money can’t buy what is happening; but we need it to pay the bills. Our general operating receipts are drying up. This government debacle has affected the atmosphere, especially in our high military area, with all the people who were out of work with the shut down and the ongoing results of the sequester.

We are doing more than ever and are seeing genuine and indisputable moves among the hardcore homeless, mentally ill, addicted and drunkards. I am watching the homeless come up and give finances and quality service. One homeless brother with limited mental capacity, brought $50, all he earned from his day labor job. Just this week at the gospel service before our soup kitchen, one of our women stood up and said, “I have not had a man in my bed for several months. That is how I used to pay my rent and fed my children, but thanks to God, Jesus is the only man I need and He is meeting all my needs.”

Our after school and before school programs are going strong. Parents that live below poverty are contributing. We are distributing groceries, clothes and coordinating free limited medical care and medication for the poor. We have emptied our homeless shelter to cut cost while it is still warm and trying to figure how to open it before cold weather hits and hope to negotiate with the DSS for assistance.

From our regional warehouse we are still assisting more than struggling 9,000 individuals over 3,000 needy families with in-kind goods (food, clothing, shoes, hygiene items, building materials, school supplies, etc) each month. We have just received about 20 tractor trailer loads of solid wood furniture. Operation Compassion is covering the shipping costs of a load of solid wood furniture for the Church of God Home for Girls in Jamaica. We are staging about ten more loads of this furniture for Operation Compassion to ship to rural poverty pockets in the SEUSA and Appalachia. We are helping OC coordinate the shipping of 40,000 pounds of food to the Church of God in Jamaica. We are preparing 3+ mixed tractor-trailer loads of new shoes, medical goods and new clothing to be shipped to South/Central America. We just received designated support to build 11 homes for the poor in Jamaica in 2014. We have a significant donor considering to give us large sum of money designated to help Syrian Christians in their suffering. We are only $1,200 short of putting the finishing touches on a new constructed framed and gabled roof system over the flat roof of our URBAN OUTREACH CENTER (roughly $100,000 total job).

All this is typical of our ongoing projects. We are doing so much and it is so fun, but we are struggling with our daily operating budget. The vast majority of our funding has come form government grants, corporate donors that are government contractors and foundations that depend upon the investment world to fund their giving. All are struggling. We are working to hold this together while we develop and nurture new funding streams.



Frank Allen

Founder / Director