Uganda, which has felt the power of transformation through prayer movements is now seeing cultural impact get help from Christian values teaching.

The Ugandan government and Christian leaders partnered in developing an ‘ABC program’ aimed at reversing the soaring AIDS pandemic. A – is for abstinence from sex until marriage. B – is for Being faithful to one woman after you are married. And C – is for contraception and hygiene – especially for mothers with HIV. The approach has dramatically reduced the pace of new infections from 35% down to 5%, from one-out-of-three to one-out-of-twenty.

Impressed by these results, the President has asked Christian leaders to also help fight corruption and particularly political corruption affecting the economy. Some 200 government officials, suspected of being corrupt, have had an unhealthy stronghold on the nation’s economy. The Christian leaders suggested that men of good character be appointed to these posts, men known in their churches for having good families, good values and wisdom.

The President has fired a significat number of officials and replaced them with men the Christian leaders identified as having good values and skills needed. This provided a good stimulus for the economy.

“This ‘Seven Mountain strategy’, a term coined by Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham, focuses on seven cultural mountains that must be claimed in order to influence a culture. The seven mountains include – the Church, Education, the Arts, the Media, Government, Business and Families.

The Ugandan Christians told the President they would need access to the schools and to the media to educate the populace on the ABC program and they need the authority of the government to carry out the program. Because of this access, they were able to see widespread and significant change. These Christians see themselves in the role of Joseph who was used to bring deliverance in Egypt during the famines. They believe God is giving them divine strategies that have a real positive impact.
Source: Dean Cooper and LaRed; Joel News