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Despite 20,000 responses to the San Antonio City Council and Mayor Castro, pro-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender) activists seem committed to pass a so called “non-discrimination” ordinance – a blatant legal crusade against Christians in San Antonio. The Council has been forced to acknowledge the bias against Christians, but they continue to introduce new legal drafts and use deceptive ploys that are intended to mislead their opponents. Each draft contains serious religious freedom issues that are both constitutional and practical. In the new draft, board members, appointed officials, and others that oppose, as “demonstrated bias, by word or deed…” homosexual conduct would be removed from office. There would remain a ban on speech supporting traditional marriage and traditional male-female sexuality by city leaders, elected or appointed. Religious freedom and free speech would suffer. Christians of conscience would be barred from office. Government appointee could never express their misgivings about homosexual behavior, quote Scripture or point out that the Bible condemns such actions. The sacredness of marriage, as between a man and a woman would be displaced. Restrooms and changing facilities, would become increasingly genderless, the proposed ordinance protects transgender bathrooms – the right of cross-over use. It would be illegal to deny “facilities” because of a person’s “gender identity” with no exemption. A business that sought to protect women and children from a man who desired to use the women’s bath and locker rooms would now engage in a criminal act. Only the blind fail to see the fallacy of such nonsense. Christian businesses would not be exempt. Faith and values would be subordinated to the rule of the state. The free-exercise of religion exemption is vague. The ordinance would require every place of public accommodation to provide all of the “advantages, facilities or services offered to the general public” for LGBT.

All over the nation, the LGBT is suing those who refuse to endorse or affirm them – florist must accommodate, as must bakeries along with hotels and restaurants. A printing company owned by Christians declined to print t-shirts for a “gay-pride” festival is now being sued for discrimination (Kentucky). And Christian businesses that refuse to add “Sexual Orientation” and “Gender Identity” to their companies’ nondiscrimination protections will no longer be able to do any work with the city. All must bow before this idol. The San Antonio mandate, as written, though not yet passed, does not give either churches or religious organizations clear protection in their hiring practices. The weak exemption is only limited for employment “to members of the same religion.” A church-based school that hires individuals from other expressions of Christianity may not then draw the line against ‘gay’ Christians – some denominations do not oppose homosexual behavior. The ordinance would create a basis for the government to define and dictate permissible and non-permissible beliefs. We have crossed a forbidden line. The first amendment, the wall of separation, is crumbling – and it is not the church’s aggression against the state, but the aggression of the state against the church.