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San Antonio Passes Discriminatory Ordinance

By an 8-3 vote, last week, the San Antonio City Council approved a controversial ordinance to protect homosexuals at the expense of all other – special rights for transgendered people. Business owners who retain conservative Christian values, as it relates to traditional marriage and the homosexual lifestyle, may find it impossible to do business, first with the city, then perhaps, in the city. Ivy Taylor, a councilwoman suggested that Christians have a right to stand on their values. “I have sacrificed a lot to serve in this role on city council, but I will not sacrifice my core values and beliefs for political gain or to be in alignment with a particular platform,” she stated. “And if that was the expectation for me as a black woman, [you’ve] got the wrong sister in this seat.”

Sadly, San Antonio may have the ‘right’ sister in the seat, but as in other similar cases, conservatives like Ivy often find themselves retreating, without appropriate support from the Christians in the city. Elisa Chan, also a Christian councilwoman noted that the ordinance change was not essentially a San Antonio initiative. National homosexual activists singled out San Antonio to create a test standard. “I’m disappointed that the power of political correctness has prevailed over the freedom of speech, but most of all I am disappointed that the harmony of the great people of San Antonio has been disrupted,” she remarked.

Jonathan Saenz, president of Austin-based Texas Values, called the action a “radical ordinance that a majority of the people of San Antonio oppose.” Saenz predicted that the “ordinance will be used as a weapon against people of faith and family values …” He also observed that “the ordinance lacks transparency, lacks evidence of a real need, and is plagued with major constitutional concerns.”

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) opposed the ordinance, as did Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot, who has predicted a lawsuit over religious freedom.

Pray for San Antonio – the Alamo city! It may well be that the city was chosen as a symbol of the national fight against bedrock values and the radical liberal agenda.