As discussed last week, the 10/40 window is a section of globe that reaches from ten to forty degrees latitude north of the equator, and west-to-east from North Africa and Southern Europe through the Middle East, India and China. It is home to most of the world’s unreached peoples.

During October 1993, the 62 nations of the 10/40 Window became the focus of a 30-day prayer campaign – “Praying Through the Window.” The Christian Information Network[1] hoped to enlist one million intercessors to pray, a daunting goal. They were overwhelmed by the response – 21 million people prayed through this dark window. Many prayed from a distance, while others traveled into the window to pray on site. Some 188 prayer journey teams took 257 journeys visiting sixty-one of the sixty-two nations. They prayed in front of mosques, Hindu Shrines, and Buddhist temples. They walked the streets and prayed. They watched people and prayed. They did not go to preach – simply to quietly pray.[2] Is there power in prayer alone?

Stories began to flow in of dramatic conversions, dreams and the like, the salvation of resistant and hard-hearted individuals. Missionaries noted a marked increase in openness to the gospel. Those who prayed and went on such journeys came home with a profound awareness, not only of the need for, but also the presence of God’s love for these people. A taste of promise through prayer created an anticipation driven by faith, that what they had just participated in was only the beginning of something dramatic and world changing.

Two years later, “Praying Through the Window II” was conducted. This time the prayer focus was 100 Gateway Cities in the 10/40 Window. An astounding 36 million joined the prayer effort. It was estimated that 10,000 prayer journeyers went into the gateway cities to pray on site.[3]

In another two years, “Praying Through the Window III” took place. The focus of that prayer effort was the 1,739 significant unreached people groups of the 10/40 Window. Even more people joined this prayer effort. An estimated 50 million believers prayed together for these unreached people groups.[4] Thousands took prayer journeys to walk and pray among these unreached peoples.

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P. Douglas Small is founder and president of Alive Ministries: PROJECT PRAY and he serves in conjunction with a number of other organizations. He is also the creator of the Praying Church Movement and the Prayer Trainer’s Network. However, all views expressed are his own and not the official position of any organization.



[2]       WindoWatchman (Christian Information Network; Colorado Springs, CO).

[3]       All this is reported in the book, WindoWatchman II (Christian Information Network).

[4]       See the book, The Unreached Peoples of the 10/40 Window (YWAM and Bethany World Prayer Center; Baker, LA). The group researched and published 4-page profiles of all 1,739 unreached peoples. Manna Church of Fayetteville, NC enlisted between 10 and 20 local churches to pray for a particular unreached people group through the year 2000.

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