Note the promises of God in the face of such prayer.

First, God will ‘hear’ as we discussed last week.

Second, God will forgive wiping away the sinful record that demands punishment. The judgment will not come. The sins that have separated will be removed – and now hopefully, the relationship can resume.


We have prayed…We have asked for forgiveness…We have prayed for the grace to live an overcoming life, one that is evidentiary of great grace.

Now, based on your word, we receive your promised forgiveness. We revel in it. We savor its sweetness.

Thank you Lord for forgiving us.

As freely as we have received it; may we give it.

We pray for grace to forgive our trespassers. Even those who offend you, oppose your kingdom, seek to harm us.

May we return good for evil. May we not come under the power of their awful orbit, absorbed in a dislike of them as deep as their hatred of the godly – forgive us, free us, keep us free.

May we live as dead men who cannot be offended. Who will not be baited. Who do not react to the darkness.

Third, God will heal the land – our living places. Consequences for the immoral behavior of the people have been felt by the sacred land. The natural disasters that have taken place have not been associated with sin. Now, God will interact. Ecological advantages of repentance will now manifest themselves. The people will be spiritually healed and their land renewed.

All to the end that God’s purposes are advanced and the world sees some aspect of his glory.


Heal our land.

Heal our living places – our homes, churches, cities and nation.

Heal our schools and neighborhoods, our work and play places. We are so broken.

Heal our social and cultural systems, so bent against godliness. Our appetites for social entertainment.

Heal our bodies, so many racked by cancers and other deadly maladies. So many sick – heal us.

Heal our souls, new psychological illnesses emerge with regularity – heal us.

Heal our environment. No one seems to believe that godliness and ecology are connected – but there is a synergy, a spiritual connection between the land and the spiritual nature of its inhabitants.


This completes our review of this text. To review:

If My People…which are called by my name…will…

  • Humble themselves (Repent).
  • And pray (palal)… to represent, stand before in behalf of …
  • And seek My face… (not merely my hand).
  • And turn from their wicked ways…demonstrate a love for truth and holiness.


  • I will hear from heaven (Answer them).
  • And will forgive their sin (justify, reconcile, restore).
  • And heal their land (their nation, living places).

May we pray this prayer with a repentant heart and expect God to answer through revival of our land.

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