“…and turn…”

The fruit of prayer is action. Humility is a starting place – but words are not enough. Now resolve must be demonstrated by transformed actions. ‘We’ must turn. Young’s Translation says ‘turn back.’ We are approaching some cataclysmic point. Thus we model righteousness and restraint, hoping the nation will follow. ‘We the people’ called by his name must demonstrate spiritual renewal. Feet follow hearts. Transformation is observable. A turn to God requires a turn ‘away from their evil practices’ (ISV).  It involves a ‘repudiation’ of sinful practices (NET Bible). The Douay-Rheims calls for ‘penance’ – demonstrable acts that seek to reverse sin’s harm. Restitution is required. Hollow words are not enough.


Lord, we have repented with our lips. Now, give us grace to repent with our lives – with hands and feet, deeds and habits. Let our ways please you.

Let others see the change in our attitudes and action – and take note. Let our lives demonstrate a deep work you are doing in our hearts.

Change us – Oh, God.

Break our sinful chains. Make us more saints, than sinners.

We renounce wicked ways…

Help us demonstrate our love for righteousness and holiness…

We turn…not only from sin, but unto you.

Help us to run to you, to openly love you, to loudly praise you, to boldly proclaim our allegiance to you.

It is not enough for us to be ‘free from’ sin; we must also be ‘free to’ follow, free to worship, free to witness, free to pray fervently…free… and even now, wherever, in our inner man we are not free – liberate us.

Note the promises of God in the face of such prayer.

First, God will ‘hear.’ It is a legal concept. God, the Judge, on His Throne, has granted us the petitioner, a ‘hearing’ and has chosen to rule on our plea. Our case has been taken up by heaven and earth is likely to feel the impact of the divine ruling.


We thank you that your hear us…

We thank you that you answer prayer…

We thank you that we can depend on your word.

We thank you that you are faithful, and just, to forgive our sin…

We thank you that the weakest among, the frailest of the faithful, can pray – and you will answer.

Your mercy endures forever.

Your faithfulness is like the never-ending waves of the ocean.

You are a good, and dependable God – the same yesterday, today and forever.

You have changed our nation before – do it again.


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