Our only hope is a Great Awakening. An awakening is culture wide; a revival affects the church. Yet, an awakening does not happen without a revival in the church. At times, an awakening sparks revival, and then, a revival feeds an awakening. Awakenings tend to recalibrate godly values in the culture. They also produce, from among the laity, stately men and women, godly political leaders, who rise up to steady government.

We cannot afford a mere emotional stirring among Christians or one stream of Christianity – we need a culture-wide, immigrant-engaging, congress-confronting, Hollywood-haunting, Wall-Street-rocking, University Campuses-blanketing, stronghold-busting revival.

  • If the values of culture are not re-centered
  • If Jesus is not invited back to the cultural stage, honored and included in the cultural discourse
  • If godly leaders do not emerge as salt and light in local, state and national governments
  • If the bifurcation of public and private life continues to excuse immorality
  • If human and drug trafficking are not brought to a halt
  • If the hearts of young people are not captured
  • If men and women do not reconcile and strengthen their marriages
  • If men do not rise up as godly warriors
  • If pastors do not roar like lions
  • If Christians do not become as lambs
  • If liberal elites are not moved by the Spirit of God so that their ranks are thinned by converts
  • If making money and gaining fame is not tethered to decency and tempered by ethics and morality
  • If children remain at risk in a mother’s womb
  • If seniors are warehoused and not honored
  • If a culture of death persists, and a culture of life is not born
  • If…then we are gone as a nation.

Perhaps the only chance for change is with the next generation. With gospel engagement and transformed lives, perhaps a revival among Millennials and Centennials might yield principled statesmen and passionate preachers of righteousness. Perhaps such principled and transformed young people, elected to office, might have the moral fortitude to make the changes necessary, irrespective of the political consequences. In the last reformation, Luther would come to believe in the raw, unharnessed power of Scripture, not the political version of it.

With guidance and strength from Scripture, it is time for the church to seek the Lord and engage the culture.

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