1. We are on the early side of an apostolic-seismic shift in which the global call to prayer will become as significant as the Reformation. As significant as the Pentecostal outpouring of the Spirit around the world in the last century.
  2. We are not being asked by God to merely add prayer to what we are doing. We are being called to finish the Great Commission, and in order to do that, we must make the church a house of prayer for the nations.
  3. This is not an option – there will come a point at which the current church culture of entertainment must give way to a culture of prayer – passionate prayer, uncomfortable and messy prayer. With every move of God, there are resisters. Not all will do this, embrace this new paradigm – many will persist in oiling the old wineskin.
  4. This will not merely be a change to the flavor of the church – this will not be superficial. It will be a profound call to church change, out of which mission will accelerate in places of desperate prayer.
  5. We must grasp again, the essence of early Pentecostalism – a profound God-encounter, a transcendent embrace by God that left one speechless – and gloriously bi-lingual, as the Spirit helped us express our zeal and love for God, and our testimony to a watching world.
  6. There is yet an impartation of glory to a last day’s church.

What if, across our Body of Christ family, what if…?

  • We no longer competed?
  • We attempted to live in the fulfillment of Psalm 133?
  • We, in every city, established Pastor’s Prayer Fellowships?
  • We, focused, not on recycling members, but on the growing number of genuinely unreached in these cities?[1]
  • We, together, in a way never imagined previously, decided to engage North America with the gospel, out of prayer – in a spirit of love, with demonstrated compassion? And yet, also with uncompromising truth? The liberating good news of the gospel. And end with Pentecostal power?

God is calling us into our future. That future has the potential of being greater than our past!

It would be the greatest tragedy of all to be on the wrong side of history in the midst of an apostolic epochal shift of the church into a house of prayer, into the creation of a pray­ing-missional-people not bound to either a building or a weekly celebration of the type we now have, but to Christ. If God is in­tending to create an organic movement of people who penetrate their world with Christ-in-them, the hope of glory, telling the story everywhere, and turning the world upside down in the last awakening and ingathering, would this not be more exciting than one more Sunday in the old paradigm?

God is up to something with His Church today that will be as unnerving to all of us, as was the reformation itself. God is com­mitted to His purposes, and there are times in history, when he charges ahead, dragging his people along, calling for us to follow boldly and bravely to places we have never gone before – we are in one of those times.

This article is the essence of a multi-tribe address delivered at the PCCNA 25th Anniversary in Memphis in 2019 and also excerpts from one of my latest books, The Apostolic Epoch. Hopefully, it will be informative to all who read it.

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