The New Jersey Legislation has added “gender identity” as a protected status. The New Jersey lawmakers voted to give transgendered individuals special rights. If Governor Jon Corzine signs the legislation, New Jersey would be the 12th state line up with the homosexual revolution. According to gay-activist groups, New Jersey already has 153 laws to protect homosexuals and transgendered people.

The bill adds “gender identity or expression” to the existing hate-crimes law. It also requires all new police officers to attend a mandatory, two-hour hate-crimes sensitivity training. Greg Quinlan of New Jersey Family First, the legislative arm of the New Jersey Family Policy Council says the “legislation is very strong because it includes ‘gender expression,’ which is not defined.”

The break-down of gender distinctiveness and the creation of the fuzzy line that blurs male-femaleness threatens the order of culture as we know it. Which restroom is appropriate to use? Quinlan says, “It’s exposing children — an unintended consequence of the law.”

The legislation also creates a Commission on Bullying in reference to public Schools. The commission has nine months to investigate and make recommendations to the governor. “New Jersey already has anti-bullying laws in place,” Quinlan said, “but the bullying commission is set up to be totally sexually oriented.”

The bill is now on the Governor’s desk. Pray that he will veto it.
Adapted from a report by Devon Williams

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