Radical Islam is finding its way into America. And not so surprisingly, its our own fault. William Federer explains that the policies of multiculturism are a major factor in encouraging and facilitating the radicalism along with its intolerant, violent attitude.

Federer says that western society is itself largely to blame. The problem is rooted in our abandonment of our Judeo/Christian heritage. That has led to an internal corruption that has greatly weakened us. Our convoluted legal reasoning has double-bound us as well, falsely informing us that one culture is as good as another. It is actually self-betrayal, a hatred of what we are and what we were. This social self-doubt, and self-rejection belittles the value of our once strong, free and prosperous Christian-based society.

It includes the rejection of our traditional religious faith and with it, the moral and social principles that once informed us and anchored us. The vacuum created, and the corporate social doubt, makes us easy prey for aggressive and dominating cultures that are radically different. They see our ambivalence and disengagement from our rooted past as an opportunity to expand their worldview in our culture, to evangelize us, to reshape our nation.

Federer says that we have left ourselves very vulnerable. And we are so thoroughly unwilling to defend our heritage, that we are now betraying our ancestors and distancing ourselves from our past. Sadly, we are distancing ourselves from ourselves. We are splitting ourselves. We are in search of a new identity. Yet, those ancestors who made great sacrifices over hundreds of years in order to build and defend this Christian civilization, those who have given so much to our world, are being treated, not as heroes, but as villains.

We are hostile to conservative Christians, and overly tolerant of Islam. Our position reveals simultaneously both an ignorance of the nature of fundamental Islam, and a lack of confidence and appreciation for the enormous proven value of our own traditions.

Adapted from William Federer’s article, “Multiculturism a Factor Turning Moderate Muslims Radical?” Source: Steve Jalsevac, LifeSiteNews.com, March 6, 2008. http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/mar/080306a.html