In 2008, Shirley Moir was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The doctor said it was Parkinson’s with a capital “P.” We had watched her lose control of her arm and tremors begin in her leg.

In her words, “The medication that was prescribed was worse than the symptoms.”
Her church was participated in the “Great Days of Prayer!” sponsored by the Church of God. During that Prayer Sunday, God moved in a great way and spoke to Shirley and told her that she would be healed.

The church was studying the book “Prayer the Heartbeat of the Church.” Shirley was reading the account in the book of the testimony of Sister Tull’s healing of crippling arthritis. In that moment, God spoke to her again and assured her that she would be healed.

On the first Sunday of February, Rick Lairsey preached on “Suddenly” – and God showed up suddenly. The Holy Spirit moved on Shirley in a powerful way. On the way out of church, Shirley said she was healed and announced that she was stopping her medication.

It has been six weeks that she has been without medication and is feeling better than she has in years, as she is walking in her healing!

We have adopted Doug Small’s saying “There might just be something about this thing called prayer!”

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