Charlene Hastings is suing the Catholics! He – Charlene is a man – expected them to forget about their ethical standards and accommodate his demand for breast enhancement surgery.

The media of course, has championed Charlene’s plight. Poor “transgender woman” being denied services from the hard-hearted Sisters of Seton Medical Center, a Catholic hospital in San Mateo County, near San Francisco.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue noted, “There are some medical procedures that run counter to Catholic moral teaching …” Imagine that! Donohue rightly argues, “If Catholic hospitals are denied the right to proscribe such operations, it effectively nullifies their right to remain Catholic.”

The Catholic Church holds the old fashioned view that a person’s sex is determined at the moment of conception and surgical adaptations are tampering with the Creator’s Sovereignty.

Increasingly, anyone holding such a cultural view is likely to be hammered until they change their ideas and line up with the new order or go away. Homosexual activists are now intentionally targeting Christian institutions, attempting to wear them out with litigation, for what they allege is the Church’s “hatred” of homosexuals.

Donohue pointed out that there other medical facilities in the area that would readily accommodate Charlene’s request. That is not the point of her – or his – effort. “What this case represents is nothing short of vengeance against a Catholic hospital simply because it practices Catholicism. Such intolerance, and such complete disdain for the diversity that Catholic institutions offer, has no legitimate place in our society.”

Adapted from a report by Hilary White

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