Kenyan Church leaders have been meeting with the President and with the opposition leaders in the last few days. This is wonderful news – it is the role of the church to being reconciliation. It is our priestly mission.

The last few days throughout the nation have been “almost normal” with minor skirmishes in some parts of the country between protesters and police.

The one million-person demonstration that had been postponed and then planned for January 8 was cancelled. The opposition has continued to issue propaganda calling for the current government to give up it power and urging President Kibaki to resign.

What is needed is calm on both sides of the conflict and talks that would lead toward a government of national unity. This is what is being proposed both by the EU and the United States. Pray that such talks will take place immediately and bring about a resolution of the conflict.

There is a real spiritual dimension to this conflict. Kenya has been known for explosive Christian growth. However, this conflict along tribal lines, has stirred old habits. Both human and spiritual forces are attempting to exploit the current conflict to achieve control, and they are doing so through occult and similar religious means. The conflict is more than political. At one level, it appears to be a conflict between a potentially “Christian Kenya” that settles differences through peaceful reconciliation and a “pre-Christian Kenya” that resorts to witchcraft and manipulation, power and force.

Pray for Kenya. Pray with authority and faith, for protection from any intentions of the evil one to deepen the current turmoil and foment further conflict that causes greater destruction in both the nation and the wider region. We have been given authority to “overcome all the power of the enemy”. Let’s pray with that firm confidence, trusting God for His solution for this beautiful land and its people.

Adapted from a report from John Robb, International Prayer Council.