Pope Benedict XVI is to be applauded for his call to an end of sexual scandal within the Catholic church. It is a problem which was covered for so many years by denial and the quick transfer of priests to a new location, exacerbated by loyal and conflicted Catholics who did not want to impugn their faith.

Pope Benedict said that “he was ashamed of the existence of pedophile priests and their subsequent abuse of young boys.” But the root problem is not pedophilia, but homosexuality. Pedophilia is its deeper aberration. Culture wants to accept the one and believe we can censor the other. But the priest scandals have been, with few exceptions, man to boy.

Sandy Rios, conservative analyst says, “Man/Boy ‘Love’ has been a staple in homosexual practice since the time of the ancient Greeks, famous for taking young boys as students and bonding with them sexually. Modern gay magazines have regularly advertised for ‘Chickens,’ defined by Bruce Rogers in Gay-Talk: A Dictionary of Gay Slang as ‘any boy under the age of consent … heterosexual … fair of face and unfamiliar with homosexuality.’”

A few decades ago, NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association was a key player in the homosexual revolution. They had a prominent place at the table. They marched in all the gay pride parades. But savvy homosexual activists leaders have now realized that the culture will not readily buy the whole homosexual agenda at once. It has to be introduced incrementally. So while the goals of NAMBLA are still at the heart of the revolution’s effort, the cultural obstacles to acceptance have forced the movement to suggest that NAMBLA assume a lower profile, until a more convenient season.

Michael Rose, in the book “Good-bye, Good Men,” has noted that many Catholic seminaries have gradually become conclaves for homosexual men to such an extent that it has led to the exclusion of those “faithful” and genuine celibate men who entered to give their live in service to Christ and intended to take seriously the teachings of Scripture on sexual behavior.

While the Pope is commended to be commended for his bold call to the end of sexual exploitation, it may be only the tip of the iceberg. The larger danger is “an ever-increasingly, gay-sympathetic public,” according to Rios. “Denying the correlation of homosexuality and priest-abusers of young boys further enforces the persuasive myth of activists that it is ‘just another lifestyle.’”

Perhaps it would just be too much – to confront the problem of pedophilia, and the larger problem of homosexual priests. Perhaps, it is more expedient to sound the moral signals that will resonant with the culture than to confront the whole American culture with the larger truth. What would the prophets have done?

The perversion of the Creator’s gift of sexuality destroys lives, destabilizes culture and desensitizes morality.

Thanks to the Pope for lifting his voice to protect the children! But unfortunately, it doesn’t go to the root of the problem. We need a national great awakening!

Adapted from a report entitled, “Pedophilia and the Pope,” by Sandy Rios –
Thursday, April 17, 2008

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