Bradley LaShawn Fowler of Canton, Michigan is homosexual. He does not like the fact that Bibles convey God’s prohibition against homosexual behavior. So he is suing Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishers. He is seeking $10 million from Thomas Nelson and $60 million from Zondervan.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, says Bible-believing Christians had better get ready for more of this type of sniping. “Obviously, this is a frivolous publicity stunt, but this is a portent of things to come,” he warns.

The homosexual community now feels that it has public sentiment on its side, and it is flexing its muscle by targeting, essentially, born-again Christians who oppose their agenda. “They’re out to re-write the Bible, to say that the Bible really does not condemn homosexual practice, which it obviously does,” says LaBarbera. “Ultimately, we believe they’ll be doing more and more of these lawsuits against Christians and Christian companies.”

The judge in the case has denied Fowler’s request for a court-appointed attorney, saying the court had “very genuine concerns” about the legitimacy of the claims in the lawsuit.