Church Prayer Ministry

Pastors – God is calling you to make your congregation a house of prayer! Here is what we must do.

1.   Repent, before God, and perhaps before your board and your congregation for personal prayerlessness.

2.   Commit to making time with God more important than ministry in His behalf. You will only represent Him more credibly, the more time you spend with Him – and that will invite His signal Presence in and around your work.

3.   Pray with your spouse. Repent. Change, by God’s grace, and refuse to attempt to lead God’s house in spiritual matters when your own house is undone.

4.   Make prayer a matter of grace, not guilt.

5.   Create a daily routine of meeting with God, over an open Bible for the sheer pleasure of His presence. Pray the Scripture – not looking for a sermon, but looking for Jesus.

6.   Place your own transformation at the center of your personal prayer time.

7.   Create a routine that involves prayer time with your spouse and family if you still have children at home.

8.   Challenge your staff to pray together! Do the same with your church lay leadership.

9.   Call your church to prayer. Lace prayer moments into the Sunday Service – not prayer requests, but transformational prayer moments. Gather the church around the pulpit-table-altar for prayer.

10. In your ministry style, move from a theology of glory to Luther’s theology of the cross – brokenness, weakness, deep dependence on God, humility. Let God change you, and begin to change the culture, the ethos, of your leaders and your congregation.

If you are a pastor, take these words to heart and implement them. If you are a church member, implore your leadership to engage God in prayer. Gain prayer ideas, resources and support with The Praying Church Movement. Join today>

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