New Year Prayer Guide

Day 19

Go Home and Tell

P. Douglas Small

God’s Word for Today

Read Galatians 1:23

Thoughts for Today

My grandfather was a godly man – I never knew him to be anything but Christian. And my mother came to faith very early. But my father was slow to believe. He had a tender heart, but he resisted the faith. One night, in a revival meeting, he came to church and went forward to the altar. I was very small, too little to understand theological concepts. But when my father picked me, squeezed me, and spun me around in his arms at that altar – I knew something magical had happened to him. Even as a child, I could discern a difference.

When the man, possessed by evil spirits was radically saved, the village showed up to see him ‘clothed and in his right mind.’ The gospel changes us. It isn’t a new leaf we turn over. Christ is not a life-enrichment option added to our lives. The old becomes new. The sinner is on his way to becoming a saint – holy, separated from the world.

Often, we seek opportunities to witness to strangers. But the most powerful witness is when we take the gospel home; when we share faith with family and friends. Witnessing is not a set of memorized Scriptures and theological components. It is your story. The tale of what you were and what you are becoming. And yet, it is not about you and your goodness, but about God and his goodness. You are message board. Many, even those close to you, may have never heard your ‘Before and After Christ’ story. Don’t force the matter. And don’t think you have to share the whole story at once. But with sensitivity to the Spirit, you will find moments when you can say, “I remember once…” Theology – that may be a stretch. Who wants to start a religious argument? But people love a good story. Who knows the story of God’s grace and intervention in your life better than you? You are the expert. Tell it with confidence, mixed with grace and gentleness. God’s story is in your story. And it that is an invitation for friends to know Him.

It’s Time to Pray

  1. Thank God for all the good things He has done for you. Be specific. Tell someone about one of those things today.
  2. Pray today by name for a person who has yet to believe in Christ as Savior. Add their name to your prayer list.
  3. Pray about when and how you will share your story with your people back home. Are there people who knew your “before Christ” story that you need to tell?

Prayer Exercise

Ask yourself whether or not you are a bold Christian? Be specific. When was the last time you took a stand, alone if necessary, for Christ? Pray that you will become a bold witness. Ask for boldness, tempered with humility. To speak the truth, but never without love. Repent of any silence, when you know that you should have spoken up. Or, when you allowed another believer to stand alone and you hid your identity with Christ. Pray – “Lord direct me to the places in the city where Christians need more boldness…”

Pray for an Unreached People Group: Rajbansi Koch of Bangladesh

Nearly all Rajbansi Koch practice the traditional religion follow one they call “Sonaton.” This appears to be a mix of Hinduism and animism. It’s very possible some have heard about Jesus through their Garo neighbors, who are Christian. There used to be a church in a Koch village, but it is no longer open. Pray that these glimmers of light become a strong spark in this culture.