“Expelled!” – that’s the name of the new movie-documentary by Ben Stein. It is being released in theaters this week. And I hope it gets a good national viewing. Perhaps that will open the potential for honest dialogue a wee bit.

For almost twenty years, conservatives have been locked out, told their opinions did not count, denied their rights, their most fundamental constitutional rights – the right to faith and its expression. The liberals – now that they are in charge – are no longer liberal in any polite sense of the word. They have created a one-sided debate with only their echo.
Evolution has been one of those hot-button issues which are now considered closed!

Far from being “open-minded,” politically correct liberalism has only one “right” view on any issue. Dissent is not only disallowed, it is the target of socially reinforced disdain, labeling, black-balling, rejection. The one politically correct view of any issue is approved if it is congruent with the larger liberal agenda – freedom from any absolute moral laws, exalted humanism, rejection of faith in God, liberation from tradition and institutional constraints, existentialism without any past or eternal future, no answerability to a judgment for moral accountability.

For the liberal, every thing is pegged as a right – gay rights, abortion rights, free-speech rights, sexual-expression rights, even the right to be free from hearing prayers, or the opinions of religious conservatives, the rights to believe the way they want to believe with all others rights subject to theirs. All other’s rights are relative – theirs are absolute. All others views are idiotic.

The problem is that the Politically Correct now hold the cultural power centers – the news media, the entertainment industry, academia, the entrenched political machines, science and technology – all are in their clutches. They have become the gatekeepers of power, the controllers of the podiums and framers of the cultural monologue. They preach free thinking and expression, but practice oppression of dissenting opinions.

Well – enough! And back to the movie.

The concept of Intelligent Design has been muted in educational circles – even at the elementary level. So consistent is this repression, that the theory itself rarely gets a fair hearing. The controversy drowns it out. The repression is now a story worth hearing.

Those who have seen the viewing say they were “stunned!”

The astounding production focuses not only on the theory, but on fear resident in the worlds of education and science that not only seek to silence the evidence for intelligent design, but to destroy the careers of proponents who dare to question Darwin.

Stein asks the unforgivable and explosive question: “What if the universe began with an intelligent designer, a designer named God?” What follows is a parade of intellectuals, highly educated and credentialed experts, who dared to ask the same question and found themselves “expelled” from academic and scientific circles.

The distinguished list includes evolutionary biologist Richard Sternberg who was sandbagged at the Smithsonian. And biology professor Caroline Crocker that was forced out of George Mason University. And astrophysicist Guillermo Gonzalez, blackballed at Iowa State University. And with a company with such credentials having been summarily dismissed by their peers for thinking the wrong thoughts, Stein then allows foremost advocates of Darwinism to present their positions. These experts are recognized guests on network television programs. They are nationally known figures. The disadvantage for all of us is that we know such people through non-thinking, reactionary medium of television sound-bites, called news and analysis.

Here they are allowed to converse. Here, they speak their minds. And here, beyond the quick and readied sound-bite, they sputter, they engage in their decidedly biased rants. They openly champion their sheer hatred of religion.

Richard Dawkins’ is known, among other things for his best-selling book “The God Delusion.” No one questions his intellectual genius. Stein calls Dawkin’s views of the Old Testament – critical. Dawkins protest. He wants to correct Stein. He then reads a ruthless statement taken from his writings, “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction … a petty, unjust, unforgiving control freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.” By the way, the slogan on his web-site is – “A clear-thinking oasis.”

If there was no God involved in the origins of life on Earth – what are the alternatives? The answers the experts offer Stein are – anything but scientific. Life began, somehow, on the backs of crystals. Electric sparks from lightning created organic matter in a collision with mud! Life was brought to earth – by aliens. Any theory is admissible as long as it does not provide the divine possibility.

In a view to the not so distant past, the film implies that we have not learned our lessons from the history of the last century. Stein notes, at the Dachau concentration camp, how the underlining Darwinian theories of natural selection led to the eugenics movement, embraced by Adolf Hitler. If we are left without God, then we may end up in the hands of scientist whose self-appointed calling is to perfect the human race. Who wants the earth to turn into a cold lab experiment? This is where Darwinism led once? Will it lead here again? Stein insists that he isn’t equating today’s Darwinists with Nazism, only pointing out that Hitler’s mad science was inspired by such notions.

The evolutionist are on the warpath against the film. Only idiots will watch it, they charge. Richard Dawkins suggest that the film will solicit “cheap laughs only possible with an audience of scientific ignoramuses.” Such condescension. Such intellectual elitism. P. Z. Myers, a blogger and University professor expects the film “to appeal strongly to the religious, the paranoid, the conspiracy theorists, and the ignorant.” That accounts, according to Myers, to “90% of the American market.” Increasingly it is clear, that the elite have little respect for any opinion rather than their own or those in their narrow circle. Myers and Dawkins both appear in the movie, now with regret.

“Expelled” if it is nothing else, is a jarring introduction to the entrenched anti-faith culture of Politically Correct liberalism. It is a spotlight on the arrogance, the stifling intolerance, and the pure ignorance of so many who are deemed to be intellectual.

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