In Nascar country, every driver requires a pit crew. No race can be won without such a support team. They refuel the car, change the tires, make necessary repairs and get the car back on the track as quickly as possible. Aaron and Hur lifted up the hands of Moses when he was weary.

A PIT crew for your church stands for personal intercessory team. Intercession can be a heavy and lonely work. Everyone needs a refueling, renewing team. Teaming allows burdens to be shared, impressions to be compared and agreement in prayer to become the common feature of the intercessors work.

Consider arranging intercessors into teams of three to five people. The teams don’t necessarily meet together for prayer, but the team leader does connect with each member of the PIT crew at least monthly for updates and reports. A PIT crew may be assigned for each ministry leader and ministry.

Here is how such a team might function. Following the Moravian principle, “No one works unless someone prays!” Every worker would be encouraged to recruit a primary intercessor. Example: Amelia, a member of ‘PIT Crew #1,’ has agreed to intercede for April, a Sunday school teacher of juniors. She is the primary intercessor, but every member of ‘PIT Crew #1’ also adopts April for prayer. Each one of the members also has a primary prayer focus, perhaps more than one. But they each serve to back-up their PIT partners.

In addition to people in the church who need an intercessory team, encourage your teams to adopt people outside the church for prayer: a political leader, a public school teacher or administrator, a policeman or fireman, a doctor or dentist, a nurse or health care provider, a missionary, a nation, an unreached people group, a local gang, notorious and famous unsaved people, a church plant, new families, new Christians, new pastors in the community, a nearby church and the list goes on.

Be careful not to over-commit to prayer. Intercessors do burn out. Formalize your prayer list – with the primary intercessor and his people/projects identified. Then make each intercessor’s list available to the entire team. Make a commitment – to pray weekly, as a minimum. PIT crew leaders should have regular contact with the intercessory leader of the church. Reports should flow back-and-forth between intercessors and the individuals for whom they are praying.

PIT crews are an important part of your intercession ministry.

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