LifeSite News reports that the British Medical Association’s (BMA) policy-making body is now considering the removal of rights of conscience that now allow Christian doctors to refuse to commit or refer women for abortions. The proposal will be considered at the BMA’s upcoming Annual General Meeting, 7-10 July, 2008.Dr. Tony Cole, of the Catholic Medical Association, said, “This would spell the death of the rights of conscience.”

The proposal came from Dr. Evan Harris, a Liberal Democrat and medical doctor known by some colleagues as “Dr. Death” for his eager support of unlimited abortion and euthanasia. Dr. Harris is a member of the British Medical Association (BMA) Medical Ethics Committee.

Dr. Harris’s motion would prevent access by doctors with conscientious objection to abortion from treating patients with unplanned pregnancies. It would force them to refer to pro-abortion doctors.

The connection between medical service and conscience has a long history. Now, we are seeing the prescription of conscience, or the lack thereof, the forcing of the liberal agenda on conservative Christian doctors.

The matter has been brewing for some time in the liberal British Medical Association, an ardent supporter of abortion. Last year, the membership voted 67 percent to 33 percent to remove the necessity for two doctors to sign approval for abortions.

Adapted from a report by Hillary White at

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