New Year Prayer Guide

Day 8

Be Filled with the Spirit

P. Douglas Small

God’s Word for Today

Read Luke 24:45-49, Acts 1:4-8, and Ephesians 5:18

Thoughts for Today

It was never man who was to continue the work Christ started – it was ‘the Ghost.’ The Holy Spirit, already at work in the earth, clearly evident on the Old Testament, was to now do something additional. He was to work out of the office and in the name of Jesus, to reveal that he was alive. And this was to be done in and through the believers, the Church. Jesus insisted that they go nowhere, do nothing until the Spirit came. And he would teach and lead, guide and direct, work with and through them.

This was not simply an indwelling, but an empowering. It required a fullness of the Spirit. Throughout Acts, we see the Spirit, working with the Church, speaking to them, directing them, confirming. Peter said, “While I was speaking, the Holy Spirit fell on them…” He is declaring, “It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.” The ‘Ghost’ was at work. Neither the work nor words were those of men. They spoke by the Spirit.

You will never be effective by your own effort alone. Are you full of the Spirit? The disciples were filled, and then filled again. This is not a matter of salvation, but of anointing! We are called to a task we cannot do alone. It is impossible – even to live the Christian life, without the power of the Holy Spirit.

It’s Time to Pray

  1. Ask God to fill you to overflowing with the Holy Spirit! No, move beyond ‘asking’ to ‘seeking.’ Make spirit-fullness a preoccupation. Go after God with all your heart. Let go of things that hinder your holy pursuit.
  2. Think about the Holy Spirit in his role as ‘the ghost’ of Jesus, coming to live and walk with you to provide proof that Jesus is not dead, but alive. Practice the presence the Spirit. Be conscious that you are traveling with a ‘ghost.’ Jesus is not dead, he is alive.
  3. Pray again today for someone you hope will trust Christ. Add their name to your prayer list.

Prayer Exercise

Pray for pastors and Christian leaders to fall in love with Jesus all over again! Write a note to a spiritual leader. Tell them how their relationship with God has inspired you.

Pray for an Unreached People Group: Bagdi of India

The Bagdi inhabit some of the most remote and inaccessible areas of India. Unfortunately, their scattered settlement pattern has hindered government efforts to provide services for the people. Pray for access to this people group