What if 10,000 people in North Carolina prayer-walked their own neighborhood on the same day? United prayer changes the atmosphere over our city. A simple strategy for raising a prayer canopy over our cities and state is available free to all. This is a grassroots effort and can be implemented on several levels from individuals on their own street to a church led emphasis for each congregation.

Two years ago, a prayer effort reached across the state of North Carolina – a Canopy of Prayer was lifted over the state and a host of cities. Reports from the National Day of Prayer representative in the state was that God did an awesome thing during that week.

In some cases, schools opened their doors and Christians prayer walked the halls. In at least one place where that happened, the testimonies of what the Lord is doing in that school is nothing short of miraculous.

On April 27-May 4th, another Canopy of Prayer will be lifted across the state. For information you may call the National Day of Prayer Coordinator, Linda Stone at 336-549-0657 or contact the organizer, Pastor Les Lawrence, at LesLawrence@cs.com

The North Carolina Prayer Canopy is connected to the National Day of Prayer on May 1. The canopy starts with a kickoff on Sunday, April 27 with a special emphasis for each week day. It culminates with Saturday prayer fairs in many locations and ends with a community celebration gathering in each participating city. The prayer fairs are hosted by local churches in their parking lots. You can do this easily in your own city.

Complete kits of step by step instructions are available free. Audio devotions will be available on the Internet for Mon.-Wed. nights on dedication, sanctification and prayer walking.

Please email Les Lawrence for more details: Leslawrence@cs.com